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Digital dental X-Ray (RVG)

RVG minimizes the radiation exposure to the patient with digital X-Ray. Lead apron also prevents the radiation exposure and useful during taking X-Ray of pregnant women.

Cosmetic dentistry

Dirty teeth, fluoride stained teeth, spaces between teeth, irregular shaped teeth, broken teeth, missing teeth, gums surgery, crowding in teeth, tobacco stained teeth all problems related with these are corrected by latest equipment’s. whitening of teeth and lamination of teeth will increase your smile.

Orthodontic treatment ( braces)

Forwarded and back warded teeth, crowding in teeth, spaces between teeth are corrected by this treatment. Facilities of metal braces, ceramic braces ( tooth coloured), lingual braces available.

Painless dentistry

All the dental procedures including extraction, impaction, cyst/tumor removal surgeries are done without any pain.

Root canal treatment (RCT)

Our root canal treatment provides immediate relief from tooth pain. For the accurate root canal treatment we use latest instruments including Endomotor, apex locator and RVG.

Dental Implants

We provide dental implant facilities to our patients. This process is safe and the most accurate permanent replacement of missing tooth/teeth.

Children dentistry

We provide a healthy dental treatment to a child patient without any pain by “TELL –SHOW – DO” concept which remove fear and anxiety from the child’s mind.


Our aim is to make a perfect diagnosis before starting any Dental procedure. It makes the treatment easy and comfortable to our patients.

Patient education

Before starting any dental procedure, we explain whole dental procedure by dental software programme and videos. We also educate the patients about their oral health and train them how to maintain their oral health.

Other dental services

1. Periodontal surgery like gums surgery, flap surgery etc. 2. Metal, ceramic and zirconia crowns and bridges (Fixed teeth). 3. Removable partial and complete dentures. 4. All types of latest dental fillings including composites by light cure instruments. 5. Veneering and lamination of teeth increases your smile. 6. Cleaning of teeth by latest instruments like ultrasonic scaler. 7. Our visiting consultant also treat dimple creation on your face to make your smile more beautiful.